Book a Court

Booking/play session restrictions

Off-peak (weekday daytime 9:00am – 5:00pm)

  • Maximum 1:30hrs sessions
  • Play-on permitted, if no booking following your own (CHECK THE RULES BELOW)

Peak (weekdays 5:00pm on, all weekend)

  • Maximum 1:00hrs sessions
  • Play-on NOT permitted

Members Court Booking – Terms and Conditions “Rules”

Note – These points are in relation to playing tennis with up to 3 other members. We will continue to review and update these guidelines to reflect any changes in advice from the government/LTA. We will continually assess these guidelines to ensure that they are working in the best interests of the majority of members.

General points

  1. Singles and doubles play is now fully permitted between club members from different households, but could we please ask that no guests are being brought to play on the courts at this time.
  2. Maximum number of people on any one court is 4. Please, can we – at this time – refrain from “social” tennis activities or team training with members swapping in and out of play or swapping courts during sessions.
  3. Play will begin at 09:00 daily and will continue until 21:00 or the end of natural daylight, whichever occurs first.
  4. The shed remains off limits for everyone but the person(s) in charge of maintenance.
  5. All court furnishings have been removed, so there will be no benches, brushes, bins, net winders etc to remove any unnecessary surface for contamination.
  6. A new court booking system will be in place accessible via our website (below) or directly via Members will have been emailed an invite to use the system together with club & membership updates information to.
  7. Booking a court is open to all members age 16+. Each member is allowed to book no more than 3 sessions in any seven day period and no more than 1 session per day
  8. For family memberships, each member of 16 years or older can access the booking system on their own email address.
  9. A household should not book & use more than 1 court at any time. Families are encouraged to play together where possible
  10. The booking system is not actively managed but will be reviewed to ensure that members adhere to the guidelines for use. The committee will review court usage patterns weekly and make changes as necessary
  11. Bookings can only be made for 7 days in advance and not beyond.
  12. All players are expected to follow the Government guidance on periods of isolation if they or members of their household have symptoms of COVID-19 and should not attempt to play during the applicable period
  13. There should be no spectators in attendance
  14. Members should not arrive at the club until 5 minutes before their playing session starts. If you arrive early please remain in the car park.
  15. No coaching will be taking place until further notice.

 Booking a Court

  1. Each member is allowed to book no more than 3 sessions in any seven-day period and no more than 1 session per day.
  2. Bookings now require added information regarding format (singles or doubles) and playing partners to complete.
  3. Off-Peak times: during weekday daytime hours (9:00am – 5:00pm), courts can be booked for a maximum 1:30 hour session.
    Peak times: Weekday evenings (post 5:00pm) and all throughout the weekend, maximum session length is reduced to 1:00 hour to allow all members fair access to the courts.
  4. The booking system automatically adds a 15 minute buffer period after each session to allow for safe exit and entrance of players. Please do not abuse these 15 minutes for additional playtime!
  5. During Off-peak times (weekday daytime hours, 9:00am – 5:00pm), if at the end of your booked session you find that the courts are not booked for a new session, you may continue play up until 15 minutes before the next booking. It is your responsibility to
    • check no bookings are immediately following yours at the end of your booked session (requires mobile internet access),
    • you are aware at what time the courts are next booked and leave at least 15 minutes before that next booking

This will NOT impact your bookable overall playtime allowance of 3 sessions per week 

On Court  

  1. All entry to and exit from the club [grounds] must be via the Cricket Club entrance. To ensure resident’s safety, access from Beesley Green across the private drives will remain closed.
  2. Players should use a restricted number of tennis balls per court, ensure they do not touch their face during play and use hand sanitizer appropriately during breaks in play. Balls should be removed from the court at the end of the session.
  3. Players should not leave anything on the court at the end of the session, all water bottles and jackets should be removed. Players MUST check the court is clear before they leave
  4. Players should not touch balls from another court with their hands. They should be kicked or hit back
  5. Players should not change ends
  6. Please respect social distancing during play when close to the net and when veering wide towards other courts
  7. Last players on court should ensure that the courts are locked, please ensure that you use gloves or clean your hands after touching the locks
  8. Members should have their own hand sanitiser which should be used regularly during and after play. Washing facilities will not be provided by the club

Fair usage

To make sure courts are accessible for all members, please do not abuse the system. The intention of the current system is that each member has a fair chance to play our game in a safe and enjoyable way.

The committee will review play and booking patterns very regularly and tweak the system accordingly.  We also reserve the right to temporarily suspend booking and play privileges, terminate membership or even suspend play entirely and lockdown the courts again if members are found to flout these rules.

Once you have paid your 2020 subs you will get an email confirming your login to the court bookings system. Scroll down and press the big green button to get started