Court Renewal Project

We are super-excited with the progress of our court refurbishment for 2024!

With the amazing support of club members, neighbours, and the wider Roe Green community, we were able to secure the necessary funding to refurbish our 3 all-weather tennis courts this spring. Generous financial assistance from Valencia Communities Fund and The Booth Charities has allowed us to go ahead with this project.

Our contractor finished laying the tarmac last week. We are now waiting for the delivery of the new carpets from Leigh Spinners and a window of good weather for the fitting.

We hope to have a double gate on the Beesley Green side installed and the fencing towards the Beesley Green end repaired in time for the season opening. To that end, please have a look if you can help us with our fundraising campaign in the coming weeks. 

We expect the courts to be ready for our competitive season to start on 22 April 2024.

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