Join the Club

We are an open membership club and welcome new members.

Members can use the courts at any time there is no arranged activity taking place. There are activities for all ages and abilities and we encourage members to get involved as much as they want to.

2021 Membership

Membership runs from April each year with one single payment of:

£130 Family (2 Adults and 2 Juniors; for variations see below)
£90 Adult
£60 Senior
£60 Student
£25 Junior (18 years and under)

If you would like to join, please fill in the form on this page. I will send some details back on ways to pay and once you have paid, I will give you the court entry padlock code.

Kind regards
Membership Secretary

Family Membership Variations Price Structure Fee
Family membership + extra related adult £130 + 50% of Adult membership £175.00
Family membership + extra related senior/student £130 + 50% of Senior/Student membership £160.00
Family membership + extra related junior £130 + 50% of Junior membership £142.50
Family memberships can comprise of any 2 related adults e.g. mother and son or father and daughter
 NEW MEMBERS Apr-Jun Jul-Sep Oct-Dec Jan-Mar
 (Joining during the year) Full Fee Full Fee minus 25% Full Fee minus 50% Full Fee minus 75%
Family (2 adults, 2 juniors) £130.00 £97.50 £65.00 £32.50
Adult £90.00 £67.50 £45.00 £22.50
Senior/Student £60.00 £45.00 £30.00 £15.00
Junior (under 18) £25.00 £18.75 £12.50 £6.25

Ask questions or apply

If you could send me a few details about yourself and indicate which kind of membership you would like to take up.